50 Shades of Tasteful Straps

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About the product
  • MAXIMUM SEXUAL PLEASURE - What's the use of over-the-top sexual bliss when your partner is aching all over. The cotton bondage restraint guarantees unlimited sexual pleasure without straining your partner's thighs. Thrust all you want and enjoy your bedside game all night long.
  • DOWNY CUFFS NO DAMAGE TO YOUR BODY - Bring the intensity to a higher level with this free downy sex cuffs. Spoil yourself and feel this beautiful downy touching your skin. Or, gently bind these quality downy cuffs around your partner's wrist while playing.
  • ELEGANT FINISH - Made from special synthetic downy and Cotton. It is sturdy enough to support your weight, soft and gentle as well.
  • ADJUSTED STRAPS TO FIT MOST PEOPLE - Neck harness is soft and cushioned allowing for maximum comfort, straps adjust quickly and easily to use.
  • GREAT GIFT AND FAST SHIPPING - A great gift for your partner which is great for your home and travel use. 

Your lover won't go anywhere 
Unleash your sexual fantasy as your lover submit to your every whim! 
This thigh restraint lets you spread her legs wide open and bring the full force of your desire inside her. And as you pound her with all the passion you have, her body will sway in blissful 
ecstasy without stress around her thighs. 

Don't settle with poor quality 
Make your experience worthwhile. What's the use of buying cheap products when we can promise you top notch quality material without hurting your lover. 

Your lover will enjoy its subtle finish 
The straps hug around your lover's thighs just as gently as your hands 
Everything is adjustable 
It can wrap around the meatiest thighs or the most svelte legs 

These bonus leather cuffs are the best choice for sexy bedside games. Bring your partner into submission and hear them scream with delight. Any way you do it, your partner won't be able to 
do much as you slap, pinch and bite them as you please. 

-Material: nylon plush&stainless steel 
-Suit: pillow, shackles on feets, straps 
-Size: adjustable(one size fits most) 
-Length of strap(max): 32.68 inches 
-Net weight: 20.6 oz 
-Color: black